Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tales of a Travelling Doctor- Interview with Hank the Dog

I anxiously awaited Hank's return from his vacation. He's back on duty today at The Common Man Inn in Claremont, New Hampshire.

Me: Good morning, Hank. How's it feel to be back at work?

Hank: Great. I just returned from my vacation at a beach in Maine where I played in the sand.

Me: How long have you been a greeter at the inn?

Hank: Since it opened in June 2009.

Me: Wow! You've been here since the beginning. I've bet you've greeted a lot of guests.

Hank: Absolutely. I love them all, especially when they pet me and give me treats!

Me: What are your hours here?

Hank: That depends on when my mom and dad are here, but "ruffly" Tues-Sat 9-5 p.m.

Me: How's the pay?

Hank: Wonderful. I get paid in dog biscuits. And the cook whips me up my favorite dish - green beans. Yum! I'm supposed to be on a diet, but what the heck!

Me: Do you have any other duties here?

Hank: Sometimes I go on errands. Some guests with dogs take me along for walks. I enjoy going to the park across the bridge.

Me: What is your typical day like?

Hank: When I arrive, I put on my uniform, the red bandana. I meet and greet guests. Then I break for lunch with the other staff. I go for my daily walk, and I squeeze in a nap when I can.

Me: Sound like a busy day.

Hank: Yeah. Sometimes I'm dog tired when I get home.

Me: Can I ask you a personal question?

Hank: Well, that depends.

Me: How old are you?

Hank: I'm five years young. How old are you?

Me: Older than you!

Hank: Fair enough.

Me: Thank you so much for the interview.

Hank: You're welcome. Stop by anytime. I enjoy the attention. Dog biscuits are of course optional but highly recommended. They're over there in that jar. Hint. Hint.

Me: Good to know!


  1. Wonderful interview. Hank is truly adorable. And the pictures are great. This interview brought a huge smile to my face.