Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Farewell Charlotte

Saturday was moving day. I had been out of the apartment for a week. How had Charlotte fared?

I was hopeful when I saw a spider in the ceiling corner of my bathroom. Had Charlotte hitched a ride in the laundry basket from my apartment? Perhaps. The basket was parked in my home bathroom awaiting emptying. I peeked at the little thing. Hmm? Not Charlotte. I introduced myself to this spider. No wiggle or anything. Antisocial arachnid? No. Maybe just shy.

Knowing in my heart that this was not Charlotte, upon my arrival to the apartment I searched for her. Ah. There was my friend curled up in a corner by my bedroom closet. I waved and said hello. She jiggled her eight legs in response.

I introduced her to my husband. Nothing. I guess us "girls" have a bond. While I packed the last of my belongings, I implored my husband to not suck up Charlotte into the vacuum cleaner. He was careful. He did not.

I left Charlotte that day. The apartment is her home. It is not my temporary one any longer. I wished her well. I will always look back fondly on our unique friendship. I do have some great photos of her. Too bad we don't have one together. My hope is she will continue to live peacefully, horrified at the thought of the next tenant crushing her. But I know Charlotte. She is a survivor. She'll be fine.

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