Saturday, January 7, 2012

Charlotte's Adventures

I looked for Charlotte, the spider I've adopted, on the ceiling, her last spot. No, not there. I check out all her former spots. Hmm? No Charlotte. I pull back the shower curtain, prepared for my morning rinse. Ah, she's in the tub, again! Good thing I hadn't started the water yet. I grab a wad of toilet tissue and scoop her up. She knows the drill. This time she dangles from the tissue by her web.

"Okay, girl. Off you go."

She skitters across the carpet and up the frame of the linen closet.

I shower. I'll find her later. I have to go to the hospital to see patients.

I return. Nope not by the linen closet. Charlotte has made it out of the bathroom and is now exploring the hallway wall.

"Smile," I said as I took her picture.

I think she likes the attention.

I'll keep you posted on Charlotte's adventures.

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