Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tales of a Travelling Doctor - Springfield, Vt. Home of The Simpsons

I'm actually in Morrisville, Vt. now, having left Springfield Vermont yesterday. I was very busy delivering babies and seeing patients in the office so I could not post during that week. Today it's snowing in Morrisville and it's slow at the hospital.

Springfield, a small post industrial town such as Claremont, New Hampshire (less than a 30 minute drive), has it's high points, namely The Simpsons.  Springfield, Vt. was the chosen site for The Simpson Movie debut. It showed in the historic downtown theater.

I caught up with Homer and his family at the Springfield Chamber of Commerce. They were all very hospitable. Doughnuts were the order of the day.

When not in the hospital, I meandered about the town. Downtown is small, but quaint, with some restaurants and a few shops. You pretty much blink and you're through the downtown.

The highlight for me, other than The Simpsons, was worshiping at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, just right down the street from the hospital. Father Peter Carmichael and all the parishoners welcomed me. Sunday we celebrated Forgiveness, the last Sunday before Lent. I still can't do stairs without wincing as I kneeled and bowed my head to the floor about 50 times as I asked forgiveness from everyone there. A moving service. However, I'm not moving now. Sitting is OK.

So there you have it. I'll be posting about Morrisville, a stone's throw from Stowe this week. See you then. It's time for my Motrin!

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