Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tales of a Travelling Doctor- Map Quest Snafu

I left Springfield, Vt confident I'd arrive at the Maple Inn B&B without any problem. My map quest showed told me it was only a one hour and 50 minutes drive. Looked pretty simple. By the way, I don't like listening to a GPS, nor do I trust it (recalculating! recalculating!). And all was going well. The roads were exactly as described. Oh, happy day! I pulled into Maple Street, an unplowed rural road. Something wasn't right. I'd seen pictures of the Bed and Breakfast that I had been booked at, but none of these homes looked like that.

Luckily there was a house with a car in the drive. Somebody must be home. I pulled in. I get out of my car and sink into snow. This would have not bothered me had I wore boots. But no! I'm from New York where aside from a freak October snowstorm, we've had unseasonably warm temperatures. So of course I wore my clogs. My clogs stuffed with snow, I ventured to the front door and knocked. The kindest woman answered. I showed her my map quest directions. We had a giggle. I inputted 103 Maple Street in Moretown, Vt instead of 103 Maple St in Morrisville Vt. Oh no. As Homer Simpson would say, "Doi!" She printed me a new map. I drove twenty miles in the wrong direction. Not so confident now, am I?

So off I went in the right direction. Things were back on track except....the large coffee I drank was knocking on my bladder. I scoured the roads for any place that might have a restroom, feeling every bump in the road while praying for relief. Aha! A gasoline station with a Dunkin' Doughnuts store. I thought of Homer Simpson. Legs crossed, I bolted inside and discovered a super clean bathroom. Thank you, Lord. Bladder situation under control, I got back on the road with a bag of Good and Plenty licorice I bought at the store to calm my frayed nerves.

The rest of the trip scenic, I found 103 Maple Street, MORRISVILLE without further incident. Here are some gorgeous pics of the B&B.

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