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Hi Readers,

Welcome to my blog. I'm participating in a Halloween blog. Starting tomorrow, the 26th, and through the 29th, stop by my post and let me know if you believe in ghosts, or would spend a night in a house that used to be a funeral home. Anyone who comments, and leaves an email address, I will randomly select a winner. The prize? A free Kindle edition of two of my books, IF MEMORY SERVES and AN EVERGREEN CHRISTMAS. Happy reading, and I can't wait to hear your Halloween stories.

Tanya Goodwin

It’s New Years Eve but obstetrician Dr. Tara Ross isn’t celebrating. After a catastrophic delivery, Tara, a workaholic, sleep deprived and already stressed to the max, lapses into a post -traumatic memory loss. Wandering the streets of Manhattan’s Upper West she is mistakenly swept up in a narcotics sting operation and lands in Jeffrey Corrigan’s precinct.
Divorced but married to the job as a dedicated homicide squad commander, Detective Lieutenant Jeffrey Corrigan has his hands full chasing Angelina Holtz, sadistic drug czarina and murder suspect with ties to his corrupt captain. The last thing he needs is another woman to complicate his life.  That is until he encounters Tara in the precinct’s holding cell.
Unable to drive her home during a blizzard, he has no choice but to bring her to his house. As a temporary guest in his home, Tara and Jeffrey build a relationship they’d both like to make permanent. While enlisting the help of the precinct psychiatrist to restore Tara’s memory he fears for her safety when threats mount against both their lives. The evil drug czarina and her cadre of corrupt cops will make him pay for nosing around in their business. They’ll start with Tara.

Book Candy Studios

  Dr. Holly Green hasn't celebrated Christmas since age thirteen when her parents were killed in a car accident on Christmas Eve. An intense surgeon but a social wallflower, Holly successfully dodges the hospital holiday party every year, except this year when she meets Dr. Noel Shepherd, sexy new surgeon on the block who's determined to end her absenteeism.

The polar opposite of Holly, Noel revels in the Christmas spirit, sporting a penguin print necktie and Santa sticker on his beeper.

From the moment Holly bumps into Noel in the operating room, she can't deny her attraction to him. Noel likewise lights up around Holly.

When their relationship heats up over the holiday season, Noel purchases an evergreen tree that he and Holly could decorate. But his surprise quickly sours when Holly refuses to have anything to do with the tree. Has Noel crossed the line, catapulting Holly into a Christmas she isn't ready to celebrate?

A Haunted House in an Unusual Place
As a travelling physician, I’ve been to a variety of small towns, many filled with older houses. I’ve marveled at many of these on my walks or runs around the neighborhoods. But I never thought that one day I’d actually practice obstetrics and gynecology during one of my locum tenens assignments in a “haunted home.” That’s exactly what happened when I went to Dansville, New York.
As I entered the obstetric/gynecologic practice located inside a beautiful, classic house, I was blown away to find out that this house, one hundred years ago, was a funeral home! Needless to say, my interest in this historic fact was piqued. Stained glass windows and a fireplace in every room greeted me. Although the house was converted to accommodate a medical practice, including exam rooms, I couldn’t help envision how people used to come here to pay their respects to the dead decades ago.
 Aged brown and beige framed photos of Grover’s Funeral Home lined the corridors. In between seeing patients, I could not stop staring at these. I had to learn more. The office nurses were more than happy to share the spooky details.
First we climbed a winding staircase to the second floor while sliding our hands up the polished mahogany banister. The nurse told me of a periodic apparition of a man in a suit who’d stand in between the two flights of stairs. I did not see him during my assignment, but I believe it! The nurses then pulled down the attic stairs and off we went to the dusty abode above us. Among office supplies, the old Grover’s Funeral Home signage sat so macabre upon velvet cushioned chair, as if it was taken down only recently. Wow! I couldn’t believe that sign was still housed in that attic for one hundred years. I, of course, whipped out my camera for a unique photo op.
So impressed by the whole historic feel of the house, now an obstetric and gynecologic practice, I couldn’t help but write about a house such as this in a novel I named, “The Embalmer”, the sequel to “If Memory Serves” by Mitchell Morris Publishing. I can’t wait for you to read it. Meanwhile, enjoy the following photos of the house now, and how it existed one hundred years ago.
Do you believe in ghosts? Would you sleep in a house that was a funeral home?
Let me know!

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  1. Yes i believe in ghosts i had a few experiances which have scared me but also comforting to.
    Would i stay in a former funeral home Hell no...
    no way not happening..:) thanks for giveaway

  2. Hey, Sam. That sounds pretty scary to me! Thanks for posting. You're now entered to win!

  3. i do believe in ghosts..i have had two experiences that have convinced me of that. and i did enjoy the photos you posted today

  4. Thanks, Laurie. Wow, two experiences!

  5. I'm a bit of a chicken. I don't like anything scary, so I wouldn't spend the night in a haunted place, if I knew it was. Although, I have watched a marathon on TV about the most haunted places in the world. That I can do. I haven't had any experiences with ghosts, nor do I want to have them, but why not.

  6. Thanks for visiting, Kristina. The place I'm talking about wasn't scary. I was intrigued. My novel based on it, though, is scary, or rather quite macabre.

  7. No I don't think I could stay in what used to be a funeral home. I do believe in Ghosts though only experience I had was with a Ouija Board and I won't touch one today.


  8. Great post, Tanya. I would stay in the house, even though I probably wouldn't sleep much. I'm fascinated by ghosts and spirts.

  9. Hi BLHmistress,
    Thanks for visiting. I stay away from Ouja Boards!

  10. Hey, Carolyn,
    Thanks for visiting. You are a brave woman!

  11. Great question, Tanya. I'm a complete weenie so no way in hell I'd stay in that house. As for whether or not I believe in ghosts, why do you think I'm a weenie? ;-)


  12. Thanks for visiting, Cassandra. Happy Halloween!

  13. Although I do believe in ghosts, not much scares me. So it wouldn't bother me at all to stay in that house.

  14. Hey, a little late here, but preparing for storm. Can't wait to read the Christmas Story! Happy Halloween.

  15. Hi Ipro55, You are brave! Thanks for visiting.

  16. I'm not sure I could sleep in a house knowing it was a funeral home. It'd be a bit creepy but I guess if I had to I'd probably get used to it after a while.