Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Urge for Words

Alec Baldwin's obsession with Words With Friends resulting in his expulsion from a airplane flight prompted my own addiction with word games. After my daughter's boyfriend introduced to the same online game, I must admit I too am hooked.

As a writer, I have an affinity for words, and while playing these games I encounter words that I had no idea grace the pages of a dictionary. This only spurs me on. My pulse quickens. I try every combination of high score letters, sometimes succeeding, but just as many times admonished by the program word referee. "Bankety-blank" is not a word pops on the screen. "Oh yeah! Well take this!" Again I scramble the order. "Not a word," flashes on my IPAD screen. "What do you mean that's not a word? OK, fine. How about this one?"I drag another word candidate onto the tiles. Woo Hoo! 24 points. I wait for my opponent to move. It may be minutes. It may be hours.

And so it goes. I glance at my IPAD periodically , waiting to counter with another crazy word.

What games apps are you hooked on?

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